PikaShow APK Download Latest Version V86 for Android 2024


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Pikashow APK is your Android gateway to a world of entertainment. Enjoy web series, live streaming, movies, and more with Pikashow’s diverse content library. Explore now!”

Your gateway to a diverse world of entertainment on your Android device.

How to install PikaShow APK in Android

Pikashow APK Download Version v86 for Android 2024

Bingeing on your favorite show with no app to go to? Wait till this article ends; you’ll get the ultimate key to your favorite streaming app, Pikashow APK!

From kids to elders to grown-ups and lazy dudes, Pikashow has a huge fan base for its variety of media gigs and limitless entertainment.

Today, we won’t ask you for premium subscriptions to get your hands on the latest Pikashow download or bug you with infinite ad pop-ups. Instead, we’ll give you the easiest recipe to the Pikashow app download on various devices.

About Pikashow

Pikashow is one of the leading media hosting platforms where you can find anything regarding entertainment, Bollywood, Hollywood, kids shows, sports talks, and whatnot. You’ll find 1000+ touchpoints to access the content you want to watch and enjoy on a cozy holiday!

  • Pikashow app is compatible with almost all software and devices. You’re free to stream anytime without worrying about a nice TV space to have a chill party with your friends!
  • While you’re on the app, it’ll always be a smoother experience, whether surfing through trending shows or binge-watching Netflix seasons.
  • Pikashow is rightly graded as one of the best platforms to go for multiple genres. The search filters and playlists are handy to navigate and explore various online events on the go.
  • You can download your favorite shows to watch later or on your long-planned road trip without worrying about an active internet connection.
  • Pikashow isn’t just a channel to showcase multiple entertainment forums. It is indeed your virtual cinema, where you can create tailored watch lists with user-friendly interfaces.
  • Finding something on Pikashow is just a piece of cake. You can either use preference filters or simply dwell on the genre playlists. From music to entertainment to documentaries and live sports events, all that matters is your preference of genre, release date, or particular languages.

The list of reasons will go on and on when the debate is all about Pikashow. By now, you won’t hesitate to switch your favorite content hosting site to Pikashow. It is where entertainment never stops and bugged connections never happen!

Features of Pikashow

PikaShow APK

8 Hours Ago


33 MB

All Android


It is show time, and all you want is the best of everything, be it resolution or a non-stop entertainment dose.

Features Pikashow APK 

1. Compatibility Android 4.4+, iOS, and Windows
2. APK size 17.18 MBs
3. Current Version v86
4. Total Downloads 5 million+
5. Subscription Cost Free of cost
6. Package com.google.android.videos
7. Category Entertainment

Download Pikashow APK latest version to enjoy the following features:

1. Unlimited Content Choices

Since Pikashow Apk hosts content from all over the world, it offers everything from English to Hindi and other Asian shows. It is a gigantic library of shows, dramas, movies, documentaries, and whatnot to suit your tastes. It also contains shows from local languages and entertainment industries, along with live streaming channels from sports and reality shows.

2. User-friendly Interface

Pikashow has a strong knack for filtering out content based on users’ preferences. Within seconds of your search, you’re good to go with your favorite show thanks to Pikashow’s highly stabilized search quotient. With multiple content formats, it has become globally relatable for viewers from distinct regions.

3. Safe and Secure Experience

Users enjoy the freedom of an encrypted experience on the Pikashow app without any privacy concerns or malware plugins. A user’s top priority is a safe and secure streaming experience without exposing the data to any malicious outlets. Moreover, Pikashow doesn’t ask for compulsory signups, so you can stay anonymous while watching your favorite shows.

4. Downloading Options with Multiple Streaming Links

One of the most favored features of Pikashow is its downloading option. You’re free to download anything and binge it on the go without looking for an active internet connection. This feature is the best option to carry along your favorite movies and dramas on a staycation or long road trip It also provides interruption-free streaming if you’re facing internet problems on an exciting movie night with friends.

Pikashow offers a high-definition content view without long hours of buffering or a low-quality view. You can still enjoy the show because of multiple streaming links, and one is definitely going to work for you!

5. Restriction-Free Platform

Pikashow not only hosts various content formats but also keeps updating the latest releases and shows. In the biggest digital library of video and audio content, you’re free to roam without any access limit. The quantity of content you consume is unlimited, and your watchlist can go on longer than enough.

Similarly, users can navigate freely without any paid signups or personal information input. It won’t take your precious minutes to complete additional steps; rather, have your watch ready on the screen!

Pikashow is diverse, and so are its content limits!

6. Controls and Parental Supervisions

With a great amount of content pouring into the mainstream comes a great responsibility for effective parental controls. You can rest worry-free because now your kids can view anything that you approve or suggest. You can add preference presets for customized recommendations and underage watch lists.

Switch on to Pikashow Apk now and make your kids watch quality content without worrying about any explicit exposure!

7. Subtitles and Recommendations

Since you’ll be watching content from global media outlets, multilingual subtitles must be available. Pikashow has got you covered for adding subtitles to your favorite serial without considering any language barriers. You can understand any foreign show without missing a plot twist!

If you’re missing out on something or not finding anything exciting this weekend, Pikashow will also give you personalized recommendations. Based on your previous views and most preferred content topics, Pikashow will give you impeccable choices to match your taste.

8. Ads-Free with Chromecast Features

The worst thing you can experience while watching a thriller or suspense serial is continuous ad pop-ups and trespassing commercials. Pikashow is succeeding other platforms in this race because of its ad-free experience. At any touchpoint, you won’t be viewing annoying advertisements that interrupt your daily watch!

The best thing about Pikashow is its Chromecasting feature. What’s more enchanting than a big-screen movie view at a friend’s get-together or a cozy movie night? Pikashow has made it possible without any additional connections.

How do I install Pikashow APK?

It’s high time to get your hands on the best content streaming site. Here are a few easy steps to have it on your phone screen:

  • Go to your phone’s settings and turn on “Enable downloading from unknown sources”.
  • Download Pikashow APK’s latest version from our site.
  • Locate the file on your smartphone or Tap on the installed file icon after downloading successfully.
  •  After agreeing with the “Terms and Conditions” popup, the app installation will start right away.
  • Once it’s done, you’re just a click away from viewing your favorite show with an active internet connection (download to chill later!).

Installing Pikashow APK on Desktop

To watch your favorite shows on a PC or laptop, you’ll need a bit of extra effort. We’ve broken down the process into simpler steps:

  • You have to download the BlueStacks emulator on your laptop. It’s free and can be easily downloaded from its website.
  • Install BlueStacks and launch it to access the Play Store.
  • Log in to your Google account to sign in to Play Store and avail various apps.
  • Download the Pikashow app from there and install it on your PC.

Launch the Pikashow APK and have a great watch treat on the app!

Installing Pikashow APK on iOS

The app is exclusively available for Android and Windows users. But you can also download it on your iPhone with this secret recipe:

  • Download the TuTu app from the Apple Store on your iOS device.
  • Install the app and look for Pikashow apk download.
  • Download the app from the TuTu app store and install it.

Your unstoppable entertainment dose is ready to view on Pikashow without any interruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download movies on Pikashow?

Yes, you can download movies to watch offline with multilingual subtitles.

Can I update my current Pikashow app version?

Yes, you can download the Pikashow APK and install it to enjoy updated features and a better experience.

What happens if the Pikashow app is not working properly?

It’s because you’re using an older version of the app. Update it to the latest to have a seamless experience.

How to Download Pikashow APK?

Downloading Pikashow APK is very easy. Just go to the website and find the download button. Hit the button to Download Pikashow APK and install it on your smartphone from the downloads folder.

Should I register or pay for premium content?

No, Pikashow is totally free. You can watch or listen to music playlists anytime without paying a penny.

Can I watch sports leagues from all over the world through live streaming?

Yes, you can watch any sports event or live streaming through Pikashow.