Why PikaShow Not Working Problem Android/iOS & PC?

Troubleshooting Guide for PikaShow App Resolving Common Issues on Android, iOS, and PC


Streaming apps often encounter systematic errors that can disrupt the user experience. In this comprehensive guide, we address the various issues that may cause PikaShow to malfunction on Android, iOS, and PC. PikaShow, a popular free streaming app, offers a diverse range of content, including Live TV Channels, Sports Streams, movies, songs, and more.

Despite PikaShow’s commitment to advanced technology, technical glitches can affect its performance. This article aims to provide detailed solutions to common problems faced by users, such as Pikashow Not Working Error, PikaShow Retry Errors, Unable to Connect Servers Errors, and PikaShow Servers Down Errors.

Prime Solutions for PikaShow Issues on Android, iOS, and iPhones:

1. Clear Cache of Recently-opened Apps:

  • Open Settings on your device.
  • Navigate to Applications > PikaShow > Storage > Clear Data.
  • In PikaShow app settings, tap Storage, and then click Clear Data.
  • Open the app and resume usage.

2. Reboot Your Device

  • Hold the Power Button.
  • Select Restart or Power Off.
  • Alternatively, use the Auto-Restart option in Phone Settings.

3. Install the Latest Version of PikaShow

  • Download the latest PikaShow App version.
  • Go to Phone Settings > Security Option > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Navigate to File Manager > Download Folder > Track and Launch PikaShow App.
  • Allow necessary permissions to complete the installation.
  • Open the app and enjoy the updated features.

Common PikaShow App-Related Issues

PikaShow App Not Working

  • Reasons:
    • Servers Down or in Maintenance Mode.
    • Massive Traffic at a specific time.
    • Poor Internet Speed.
  • Validation Method:
    • Close the app, clear the cache, and open it again.
    • Check the device date and time settings.
    • Restart the Internet Device.

PikaShow Not Working Unable to Connect to the Server

  • Reasons:
    • Technical Fault in Servers.
    • Poor Internet Speed.
    • Geographical Restrictions.
  • Validation Method:
    • Retry by enabling a VPN Service.
    • Restart your Device.
    • Clear the App Cache and try again.

App Showing Source Down Error

  • Reasons:
    • Primarily caused due to Server Problems.
    • Poor Internet Speed.
    • App Cache Issues.
  • Validation Method:
    • Restart your device.
    • Go to App Settings and Clear the Cache.
    • Reboot your Internet.

App Not Connecting

  • Reasons:
    • App’s Servers are Down due to Traffic or Maintenance.
    • Slow Internet.
    • Usage of PikaShow Older Version.
  • Validation Method:
    • Install the Latest PikaShow version and try.
    • Restart your Internet Router.
    • Refresh your device by restarting.

Displaying Log-in Error

  • Reasons:
    • E-mail or Password Changed.
    • Log-In shared with many people.
    • Cache Issue.
  • Validation Method:
    • Check your original e-mail and password in the default browser.
    • Retry by changing your password.
    • Clear the app’s cache through the settings.

Retry Error

  • Reasons:
    • End of your Membership Plan.
    • Maintenance Mode.
    • Slow Internet Speed.
  • Validation Method:
    • Check your Subscription Plans.
    • Retry by closing and then opening the app.
    • Restart your internet connection.
    • Reboot your device and try again.

Showing Cast Error

  • Reasons:
    • Incompatibility with TV Set.
    • Poor Internet Connection.
    • Trying the Wrong Method.
  • Validation Method:
    • Check your device and TV’s compatibility.
    • Verify your Chrome Casting Method.
    • Reboot your Internet Modem.

Taking Time in Buffering

  • Reasons:
    • Poor Internet Speed.
    • Glitch in your Device.
    • Sudden Servers Errors.
  • Validation Method:
    • Restart your device and enable Wi-Fi again.
    • Check your Internet Connection.
    • Close the app, refresh, and then open it again.

App Not Loading

  • Reasons:
    • Device Incompatibility.
    • Using Older PikaShow Version.
    • Slow Internet Connection.
  • Validation Method:
    • Check your device support and retry.
    • Migrate to the latest PikaShow version.
    • Test your Internet Speed.

Wrapping Up

In short, we’ve tried our best to provide the best and most verified solutions for all possible errors a casual user of the PikaShow App could face. Nevertheless, if you think we have skipped writing any other, feel free to connect us through the Comment Section. On the sidelines, you can bookmark our website and enable the notification icon to receive alerts whenever we publish a new post or blog about your favorite PikaShow App